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Coin Market Analysis

Easily track social trend data to predictively trade cryptocurrencies

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Why use social data?

  • Fundamental Price Driver

    Fundamental Price Driver

    Equities have earnings reports, fundamentals, and news to drive prices. Cryptocurrencies are almost entirely driven by the online sentiment of the crowd.

  • Professional Grade Charting

    Professional Grade Charting

    We incorporate social data into an institutional grade charting platform used by NASDAQ, Thomson-Reuters, and Etoro, creating the world's most advanced crypto analysis platform.

  • Scientific Evidence

    Scientific Evidence

    More and more white papers and peer reviewed articles are proving out the predictive value of social activity data for crypto trading. Read one here, or read our own.

  • Firehose Data

    Firehose Data

    Partnerships with Twitter, StockTwits and almost every messaging platform in the crypto space enable us to have access to the full set of crypto related social activity. Not simply a garden hose sample.

  • Hedge Fund Quality

    Hedge Fund Quality

    Right now the exact same data feed is used by multi-billion dollar hedge funds to predict and trade financial markets.

  • Visualize the Future

    Visualize the Future

    By analyzing the changing social activity and sentiment, traders get a better sense of what is happening in the market and where prices are likely to go.

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