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Decryptz is a leading social data and sentiment analysis platform that enables investors to make informed decisions about cryptocurrency investment and trading.

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Through our partnerships with Twitter and Stocktwits, we collect all available tweets and messages relating to cryptocurrencies on a real time basis. Our sophisticated natural language processing algorithms analyze this data to create real time indicators of the direction, volume and intensity of social sentiment.

In addition to our indicators, the Decryptz platform provides analytical charting tools, real time fair value indicators, trending news, trading and event detection alerts, exchange-integrated trading functionality and a host of other features.

Decryptz is the most comprehensive set of analytical and research tools available to cryptocurrency investors in the world.


PsychSignal (the parent of Decryptz) was founded in 2011. The initial objective was to create a sentiment engine that would make predictions about the mood of the general public. This objective was achieved in 2012 when the engine correctly predicted the Gallup US Mood Index one day in advance.

Over the following years, the company developed very sophisticated natural language processing algorithms and social sentiment indices focused on the financial markets. PsychSignal has a diverse range of institutional clients that use its data to trade equities, ETFs and other publicly traded securities.

During 2017, PsychSignal began to explore how its social data analysis technology could be applied to cryptocurrencies. In July 2017, the company created a partnership with Pantera Capital to build a social data analysis engine for cryptocurrencies.

The beginning



PsychSignal founded
Twitter general sentiment engine v1 completed



Engine v1 predicts Gallup US Mood Index
Begin developing financial sentiment engine



Complete financial sentiment engine
TechCrunch publishes article about PsychSignal


Most used API at Fintech Hack-A-Thon
Sign 1st hedge fund client



Sign 2nd hedge fund client, more follow in the coming months and years
Independent research published


Sign 1st trading platform client
Receive first venture investment from WorldQuant Ventures LLC



Demo PsychSignal at Finovate
Lucena Research integrates PsychSignal data onto QuantDesk platform


WSJ and Financial Times write about PsychSignal
Quantopian deploys PsychSignal data to platform



Begin research partnership with University College London (UCL)
PsychSignal Volatility Predictor wins runner up “finding alpha” award at Benzinga



PsychSignal begins deploying its technology to cryptocurrencies


Sign partnership with Pantera Capital to build sentiment engine for cryptocurrencies
Complete White Paper v1.0
Complete Beta Decryptz Platform
Invite Beta Testers
Architect Initial Symbology Protocol, Token Incentives, and Economics


Partners twitter

Twitter is the most successful social networking and online news service in the world. PsychSignal has been a Twitter customer and partner for over five years. Twitter is a key provider of cryptocurrency messages to Decryptz.

Partners stocktwits

StockTwits is the largest social network for investors and traders, with nearly one million registered community members and millions of monthly visitors. PsychSignal has been a StockTwits customer and partner for over five years. StockTwits is a key provider of cryptocurrency messages and symbology data to Decryptz.

Partners pantera

Pantera Capital is an investment firm focused exclusively on ventures, tokens, and projects related to blockchain tech, digital currency, and crypto assets. As the first U.S. Bitcoin investment firm, Pantera Capital is the leading blockchain investment firm and one of the largest institutional owners of cryptocurrencies. Decryptz entered into a partnership with Pantera in August 2017 to build a social data analysis engine for cryptocurrencies.

Partners ucl cbt

Decryptz is a member of the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies partner program. University College London (UCL) is one of the world’s leading universities. UCL’s Centre for Blockchain Technololgies (CBT) is a leading research hub that focuses on the adoption and development of Blockchain-based platforms. PsychSignal entered into a research partnerhip with UCL in 2016. UCL CBT will be performing social sentiment research and other advisory services for Decryptz.

Partners worldquant

WorldQuant Ventures is an angel investment firm founded in 2014. The firm is focused on disruptive companies in technology, with a particular focus on data and finance. It has investments in over 30 companies including Canalyst, untapt, Benzinga, Trunomi, SteadyServ Technologies, LLC, True Anthem, Certrax, Estimize, ClearServe and Remesh. WorldQuant became a PsychSignal (parent of Decryptz) shareholder in 2014.

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